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Bringing a forward-thinking music education experience to underserved communities in NYC and beyond. We improve lives by providing musical training, mentorship, and industry resources to young artists for the first time. It's music education, reimagined for the virtual age. We are ON REPEAT. 

Vocal training

We help our students find their voice and amplify their message through private and group vocal training classes.

Music production

Our young artists are taught practical skills and techniques to write and record their original music using Apple's GarageBand on desktop and mobile.

Community mentorship

We empower our young people through mentorship relationships with music industry professionals, counselors, and community leaders.

Guitar lessons

Our students are gifted with guitars from donors to receive individual instruction across all skill levels with professional guitar teachers 

Socially conscious curriculum

We focus our curriculum on the study of generational artists who used their voices to shine light on social issues and affect global change. 

Music business classes

We educate our students on the ins and outs of releasing music and making a living in the music business today.


In light of the global pandemic, our team has adapted with flexibility to transform this challenge into a unique and fruitful opportunity for our students. Through the power of video conferencing technology and the interconnectivity of the web, we've connected our young leaders with new resources, relationships, and skills to keep their music playing. Now more than ever, our young people need a space to express themselves creatively, connect with one another, and receive mentorship and support from caring adults in their lives.


Our programming has continued in new and robust ways through virtual music instruction and mentorship sessions, while our team provides vital community services to our students and families. Students are more empowered to create and connect using the technology at their fingertips with tools like iPhone and GarageBand - all while working with professional musicians and producers across the country to develop their music.


On Repeat Music Project is a nonprofit corporation based in New York City that offers students from our most vulnerable communities a powerful combination of music education and mentorship with professional musicians and producers to help them overcome hardship, find their voice and reach their potential as tomorrow’s leaders. On Repeat Music Project creates safe spaces for young people to express themselves through music and empowers them to make positive choices at school, at home and in their communities.


Upcoming Projects to Fund

We are dedicated to ensuring that all students, despite their circumstances or backgrounds, have access to high-quality music education. We want to provide access to even more gifted young people, and we need your help!



We are looking for passionate people like you to help ensure that every student, at every school, has access to high-quality music education.

Get to Know Us

Our team consists of passionate teachers, music industry professionals, counselors and producers from across the country who share the vision of offering a transformational music education experience. We joined forces with the singular goal of utilizing music education to improve educational outcomes and lives for young artists.. What started humbly in one school in Harlem, NY is growing rapidly to provide access to hiqh quality music education and mentorship for students across NYC and beyond. 

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